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NBA Basketball Articles

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December 2012

  1. Houston Rockets defeat the New York Knicks at the MSG
  2. New York Knicks defeat the LA Lakers at the Madison Square Garden
  3. New York Knicks defeat the Miami Heat at South Beach
  4. Brooklyn Nets defeat the Boston Celtics in feisty game

November 2012

  1. Brooklyn Nets defeat the Boston Celtics in feisty game
  2. New York Knicks beat the Spurs at San Antonio
  3. San Antonio Spurs defeat the LA Lakers on the road
  4. Chicago Bulls defeat the Orlando Magic at home
  5. Revamped LA Lakers kick off the season at 0-2

October 2012

  1. Dwight Howard makes his debut with the LA Lakers
  2. Kobe Bryant and the revamped LA Lakers are ready to go

August 2012

  1. Put together some All-Stars and the championship will come
  2. Andrew Bynum is considering sticking around with the 76ers
  3. Spain defeats France in men’s basketball quarterfinals
  4. Team USA routs Argentina before quarterfinals

July 2012

  1. Jeremy Lin still not sure if he’ll end up with the New York Knicks
  2. LA Clippers sign a 5-year contract extension with Blake Griffin
  3. Derron Williams will stay with the New Jersey Nets

June 2012

  1. Miami Heat takes a 3-1 lead over the OKC Thunder
  2. Thunder takes game 1 against Heat in the NBA Finals
  3. Boston Celtics lose game 2 against Miami Heat
  4. Boston Celtics even the series against Miami Heat
  5. Oklahoma City takes a 3-2 lead over San Antonio Spurs


May 2012

  1. Miami Heat prevails and ousts the Indiana Pacers in game 6
  2. Indiana Pacers defeat the Heat at South Beach
  3. The Philadelphia 76ers defeat the Celtics in Boston
  4. Boston Celtics win the series against Atlanta Hawks
  5. Grizzlies beat the Clippers at Memphis and force game 6
  6. LA Lakers defense key in win over the Denver Nuggets
  7. LA Clippers pull off a 4th quarter comeback against the Grizzlies


April 2012

  1. The LA Lakers defeat the Oklahoma City Thunder in double OT
  2. New Orleans Hornets deny the Houston Rockets a spot in Playoffs
  3. LA Clippers defeat the Denver Nuggets at the Mile-High
  4. Chicago Bulls defeat New York Knicks but Rose was sidelined
  5. Boston Celtics defeat the Miami Heat with brilliant offense
  6. Rajon Rondo and the Celtics crush the Miami Heat

March 2012

  1. Oklahoma City Thunder defeats the Miami Heat
  2. The New York Knicks keep on skidding and were crushed by 76ers
  3. Kobe Bryant leads Lakers pass the Timberwolves
  4. Andrew Bynum makes clutch play to guide Lakers over the Celtics
  5. Chicago Bulls defeat the Indiana Pacers for 7th straight win
  6. Miami Heat crushed the New York Knicks and found a cure for Linsanity

February 2012

  1. OKC Thunder outplays the Denver Nuggets in OT
  2. New York Knicks defeat the Dallas Mavericks
  3. The Miami Heat defeat the Toronto Raptors on Sunday
  4. Kevin Garnett leads the Celtics pass the Memphis Grizzlies

January 2012

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