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Rules - Payouts - Placing bets

Placing Bets:

Each time you left-click inside the designated betting area marked with a dollar sign '$', you will place a chip of the selected denomination on the table -- adding to any chips that might already be there.  To remove the selected denomination from the table, right-click inside the circle.
You can change the denomination of the chips you will be adding or subtracting from your bet by selecting one of the chips on the left side of the screen above the status panel.  The chip with that is highlighted represents the amount by which you will change your bet.

For example: If you wish to place a $25 bet, make sure the $25 chip is selected by clicking on it.  The $25 chip should now be highlighted.  You can then left-click inside the betting area to place a $25 bet.  If you left-click a second time in the same betting area, you will add another $25 chip to your bet for a total of $50.  You could then select the $5 chip and click in the betting area to increase your bet to $55.  Right-clicking in the betting area performs the opposite function by removing the amount from your bet.

Placing Side Bets:

In order to be eligible for any of the bonus payouts, you must first place a $1 (US) side bet.  To place the side bet, first place a normal bet for the hand.  The side bet coin slot should then illuminate to indicate that it is available.  Now click on the side bet coin slot to place the $1 side bet. When the side bet is placed, the lights surrounding the coin slot should flash.  When the game begins, the coin will be accepted and the lights around the coin slot should remain illuminated.

To remove your side bet before the game begins, simply click on the coin slot a second time.

Starting the Deal:

Once the minimum bet has been placed, the Deal button will illuminate to indicate that it may now be clicked to start the deal.  Once the Deal button has been clicked, the game will begin and you can no longer add to or remove from your bet.

You may also notice that the Deal button may be illuminated, but you do not have a bet placed on the table.  In this case, clicking on the Deal button will quickly and automatically start the deal by using the same bet used for the previous hand.  If, for example, you wagered $10 on the previous hand, you may find that the Deal button is enabled even though you have not placed a new bet on the table.  Clicking the Deal button will then start the next deal with the same $10 starting bet (balance permitting).

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