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Video Poker payouts are calculated individually for each hand, based on the number of coins wagered per hand and the rank of each hand.  There is no opponent in Video Poker, so the player must simply try to achieve the highest ranking hands possible.  The higher the rank of the hand, the greater the payout.

The left side of the Video Poker machine displays a list of payouts for each type of hand based on the current number of coins bet per line.  These payouts are listed as the number of coins paid for a hand of the matching rank.  The denomination of the payout is equal to the denomination of the coin(s) wagered.

As you increase the number of coins bet per line, the list of payouts will automatically adjust to reflect the change.  Note that when betting five coins per line, a Royal Flush pays much more generously.

The Double Up feature, if available, allows you to play a bonus game to double the winnings earned for all the hands played during that round.  Each time you successfully double up, your payout doubles.  However, if you fail to win a double up bonus game, you lose all the winnings earned for that round.  If you choose not to double up at any time, the game ends and you keep all the winnings earned for that round.

For example: if you receive a Straight Flush and a Full House in the Deuces Wild game with 5 coins played, you win 65 (45 + 20) coins and you have the option to double up.  If you choose to double up and win the bonus game, you would be paid 130 coins!  If you decide double up again and win, you would then be paid 260 coins!  However, if you lost any round of the bonus game, you would be paid nothing and the game would end.

Video Poker Hands

1. Royal Flush
2. Four Deuces
3. Five of a Kind
4. Wild Royal Flush
5. Straight Flush
6. Four of a Kind
7. Full House
8. Flush
9. Straight
7. Three of a kind
8. Two Pair
9. Jacks or better pair

NOTE: Five of a Kind and Wild Royal Flush require wild cards, which can be any deuce (2) in Deuces Wild or a joker in Joker Poker.

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