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Slot Machine payouts vary depending on the number of coins wagered and the combination of symbols that appear on the slot machine's reels. Each slot machine has a payout line that is usually indicated by an arrow, and is usually along the center row of each reel. The symbols that line up within this row make up the combination that will determine the payout.
As soon as the reels begin spinning, the number of coins bet is removed from the player's balance. At the top of the slot machine is a chart of symbol combinations displaying their associated payouts based on the number of coins bet. Each payout line indicates the total number of coins that will be placed into the player's balance if won. The coins paid are of the same denomination as the coin(s) bet.

A line on the chart may look similar to:

The first column shows the combination of symbols required to receive this payout. The columns to the right show the various payouts based on the number of coins wagered. The first column to the right of the symbols is the number of coins won if 1 coin was bet before spinning the reels. The two columns to the right of that indicate the number of coins won if 2 or 3 coins were bet.

In the example above, the slot machine must display 3 single BAR symbols along the payout line of each reel to receive this payout. If the player had bet 1 coin before spinning the reels, he or she wins 20 in return. If 2 or 3 coins were bet, the payout would be 40 and 80 coins respectively.

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