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The game of Keno originated long ago in China, where according to legend, this lottery game helped finance the Great Wall. Keno eventually made its way to Europe becoming very popular in Italy. The game said to have been brought to America by the Chinese who immigrated there to work in the silver mines and to build the railroads.

Object Of The Game

The object of the game is to correctly guess from 1 to 12 of 20 randomly selected numbers. The 20 numbers are selected from a batch of 80 Keno numbers. Payouts depend on the price of the game played and the amount of numbers guessed correctly, with the amount of correct numbers required varying by the amount of numbers selected.

How To Play

Keno is a very easy and relaxing game to play. Select the price of the game by selecting $1, $2, $5, or $10. This is a flat price that will be deducted from your balance when the game starts and is not affected by the amount of numbers chosen. Higher priced games bring with them the opportunity for greater winnings.

Next, select 1 to 12 numbers by clicking on the numbers displayed on the screen. Once a number is chosen, a marker is placed on top of that number to indicate the selection. Once all the numbers have been chosen, click the START button to have the 20 winning numbers selected. Payouts are determined by how many of the 20 winning numbers were guessed correctly. The minimum number of correctly guessed numbers required to win depends on the total amount of numbers chosen.  See PAYOUTS for more information.